About Us


The Carmelita story began in the 1920’s with founder, Mario Lopez Sr., migrating to Los Angeles from Chihuahua, Mexico and settled in East Los Angeles implanting deep roots in the community. Like most Mexican immigrants during this timeframe, Mario Sr. had very minimal educational background. However, his strong work ethic was then and continues to be the backbone of the companies’ success and accomplishments in the Mexican food industry.

In 1934, Mario Sr. opened his own chorizo business on Carmelita Avenue–hence the company name. His journey is rich in content, both personal and professional, all the while determined to instill family values, business work ethics and his love of baseball to his children.

Carmelita Chorizo is the oldest chorizo product in Los Angeles and beyond. The Carmelita Chorizo logo, the piggy with the bat, is a recognized trademark for all Carmelita brand products. Our commitment to our customers is to continue providing products with the premise of Mario Sr.’s original recipes while preserving the high quality and integrity we have been known for since the 1930’s.

At right is Carmelita founder/owner Mario Lopez, Sr., who also played shortstop at one time.

Chorizeros_script-OutlineLearn more About the Carmelita “Chorizero’s” and our rich history of baseball in Los Angeles.